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The arrival of a little one brings the most precious celebrations. Every first moment is to be cherished: from their first baby outfit to their first newborn toy. Discover Jacadi‘s newborn collections to find chic newborn gift ideas for baby girls and baby boys.

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Gift ideas

Looking for unique newborn gifts? Discover now our selection of gift ideas and gift sets for baby girls and baby boys.

My first dresses

Elegant baby dresses, in poplin or printed fabric, Jacadi designs timeless pieces, combining elegance and modernity, while being mindful of the baby well-being.

My first bloomers

Light cotton or mesh, Jacadi reinvent the bloomer with elegant details and refined fabrics making it a must-have for the baby’s wardrobe.

My first dreams

Soft cashmere baby blankets and embroidered sleeping bags for your little ones to snuggle and dream the night away.

My first plush toys

Tender nights and days companions, Jacadi’s soft toys illuminate the daily life of baby and invite to share the first beautiful stories.

My first pyjamas

Soft and elegant, Jacadi’s baby pajamas are a must-have to keep baby warm as they dream through the night.

My first scented water and skincare

A skincare collection created exclusively to care and protect baby’s gentle skin and a collection of alcohol-free scented waters with delicate and fresh scents for little ones and grown-ups.


Discover chic and iconic newborn clothes designed for baby girls and baby boys from 1 to 12 months. Cotton and knitted onesie, liberty dresses and printed bloomers: discover baby outfit essentials for the sweetest first moments.

Looking for an idea for a baby gift for a little girl or boy? There's nothing too beautiful to celebrate the arrival of a little one. First wardrobe, first toys, first trip: whether it's for a girl or a boy, Jacadi Paris invites you to discover the loveliest ideas for baby gifts.

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Choose a newborn gift

Looking for the perfect baby gift? Whether you're looking for a baby girl or a baby boy, we've got all the best ideas to help you delight babies and parents alike. When you meet a new baby for the first time, you want to be sure to give them a special gift. Accessories, clothes, toys - there's no shortage of ideas for birth gifts. Before or after the arrival of your baby, discover the most beautiful gifts to celebrate life.

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What unique gift should you offer for a new baby?

When it comes to choosing the right baby gift, it's sometimes a good idea to ask the parents for their opinion. If they have created a birth wishlist, this can be a great help in finding the ideal gift. Although it may reduce the element of surprise, you'll be sure of finding the perfect gift. But you'll be sure to please everyone. There's nothing to stop you being creative in your choice of materials, fabrics and colors. You'll be showing off your personal touch. Choosing from the birth list will save parents, who are busy caring for a baby, from having to change the birth gift. Jacadi has thought of all newborns with this "My first Jacadi" box set. Offer the softness of cashmere as a gift for a little girl. What could be softer than baby skin? To take care of it, Jacadi offers an original birth gift: the "Perfume" set, specially designed for babies.

The perfect birth gift for a first child

If it's their first baby, parents may not have had the time or opportunity to fully prepare the room. They have to invest in numerous nursery accessories, furniture, pushchairs, clothes, etc. to make the room a real home. To please these young parents, the ideal birth gift for a girl or boy is easy to find: a Jacadi set comprising one or more baby bodysuits, a pyjama, a bloomer or a dress. Jacadi has also created a " Jacadi birth box." Don't forget Jacadi's must-have bibs to complete the set. For larger gifts, take a look at Jacadi's nursery collection: baby beds, changing bags , all nursery accessories... gifts for girls or boys designed by the Jacadi Paris design team. Practical and stylish, they'll be perfect for all siblings. Now's the time to make it a gift. New parents will no doubt be very grateful.

When the baby is born, don't forget to think of the new mother too. Giving her a little gift will be a great show of love. Flowers, a piece of jewellery, a voucher for a massage or body treatment, beauty products, perfume or even a simple meal cooked with love are all likely to put a smile on her face.

What baptism gift should you give if you are the godfather or godmother?

If your first meeting with baby was at the time of the baptism, it might be a good idea to give him his present for the occasion. If your baby is a few months old, it may be time to put away the bassinet. If you're the godmother, why not suggest that the godfather give him this gift together? Useful and symbolic of the support you'll give your child throughout his or her childhood, a cot is one of the best ideas for a baptism gift. If you're on a tighter budget, you can also opt for a baby outfit, a pretty set. Jacadi's chic and timeless style means that you can offer complete outfits as a baby gift well in advance.

Gift ideas to suit all budgets?

If you don't have the opportunity to get in touch with the young parents, or they haven't communicated a birth list, Jacadi offers accessories for baby and children , gift ideas that are impossible to go wrong with! Offer tenderness with our range of soft toys, and activity toys. These, with their subtly retro look, make the perfect baby gift, no matter what gender he is. The quality of Jacadi products ensures that they will last a long time. His Jacadi cuddly toy will be with him from birth until he takes his first steps, soothing him every night to make sweet memories. The skincare products are also great birth gifts: designed with the greatest care especially for babies' fragile skin, the scented waters and skincare creams can be used from birth, as their strictly controlled composition respects the delicate skin of babies and children Another gift idea for a baby boy or girl, accessories to accompany them on their first meals and daily strolls.